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EquiCord is an easy to use app for any horse owner in any discipline to manage ALL aspects of your equestrian day to day life. You can easily enter and record all important information about your horse including farrier, dental, worming etc PLUS you can also enter Show and Event dates including reminders for nominations, day of event, plaiting appointments plus much more.


Whether you are a one horse owner OR an agistment centre OR racing stables OR even a breeding farm with hundreds of horses – EquiCord can store information about each and every horse under your care.

EquiCord easily records each horse’s information including:

  • Breed Name
  • Nickname
  • Date Of Birth
  • Breed
  • Height
  • Sex
  • Dam
  • Sire
  • MicroChip Number
  • Colors
  • Brands
  • Markings and Scars
  • Owner
  • Agistment Details
  • Dietary Requirements
  • Training Regime
  • Photos

Within each horse’s file, you can nominate from your Contact’s List, who is the dentist, farrier, vet etc.  You also have the option of whether those Service Providers are able to see your horse’s profile on their EquiCord App.  If that specific Service Provider has your authorisation, they are able to add notes to that horse’s file which you can then view on your EquiCord App.


How easy would it be that EquiCord will alert and remind you of upcoming dates – farrier, dentist, Equissage Therapists, breeding and foaling, show and events including nominations, Breed Society Registrations, Race Days, TV programs AND you can enter non-public events to your calendar and set your own alarms.

When you open your calendar, each item is listed in order. You can then click on an item and the details will open.



Your Contact List contains all of your added Service Providers and Contacts for easy viewing.  When you click on a Service Provider’s name, their business details will open.  You are then able to phone or email or even share their details with other people.



What makes EquiCord so much better than any other Horse Record App?

Within EquiCord, you are able to search for a Service Provider or Event/Show.

Service Provider – you type in what Service you are looking for and then enter the topigraphic (local, state, national or international).  EquiCord will then arrange a list of Service Providers.  You are then able to click on a Service Provider and their details will appear including Business Card, Phone, Email, Location and Description.  You have the option of Contacting that Provider.  You are also able to easily ADD that Provider to your EquiCord Contact List for easy reference at a later time.

Event/Show – if you are looking for upcoming events in a certain discipline, EquiCord can easily help you.  By typing in the Event/Show and also the topigraphic (local, state, national or international), EquiCord will then populate a list of matching events.  You are then able to click on a specific event and the details will appear including Brochure, web address, contact details and description.  You can then easily add this event to your EquiCord Calendar.


  • Simple and Clean interface across the entire app
  • Available in iOS and Android
  • Can view app on your laptop or PC via website
  • Share part details with Service Providers
  • Able to create records for all of your horses
  • Generate reminders and notifications for upcoming events
  • Manage all the records for your horse’s shows and events
  • Data Storage of horses that you no longer own or care for
  • Easy Search for Service Providers
  • Easy Search for Shows and Events
  • Easy to view list of all horses in your care

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Friday 14th of October goes online after many months of testing.
APP is submitted
Monday 10th of October - EquiCord App is submitted to Apple and Google for approval.
App has now been approved by Apple and Google - couple of programming glitches being fixed - then EquiCord App will be available for purchase via Apple and Google for use on iOS and Android devices.

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