EquiCord is proud to sponsor riders, horses, businesses and events within the Equine Industry. We believe that (other than loving and riding our own horses), there is nothing more satisfying than helping and supporting others grow within the Equine Industry.

NAME - Vanessa, Joshua and Darryn
HORSE - Buddy
AWARDS - Mortlock Breed Show - 1st in Under 8 Lead Line

NAME - Vanessa
HORSE - Hopper
AWARDS - Toodyay Ag Show - Champion StandardBred


If you are a –

  • Competitor
  • InHand Horse
  • FundRaising Event
  • Rider
  • Show or Event
  • Or just about anything/anybody that would like sponsorship

Send us an email outlining as much information as possible about your request for sponsorship.  Include photos and previous history if possible. Also include what you would like as your sponsorship i.e shirts and clothing, rugs and tack, monetary etc.

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Sponsor: Caljo Farm Toodyay

Sponsor_ - Caljo Farm

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