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EquiCord is an easy app for any horse owner in any discipline to manage ALL aspects of your equestrian day to day life. You can easily enter and record all important information about your horse including farrier, dental, worming etc PLUS you can also enter Show and Event dates including reminders for nominations, day of event, plaiting appointments plus much more.


If you are a Service Provider to the Equine Industry, any where in the world, you can advertise your business to the millions of Horse Owners anywhere in the world.

You can set the search parametres of who is able to see your listing e.g if you only want people to see your listing if they are local or statewide or national or international. 

  • If you are a farrier and only want to be contacted by clients local to you, be assured that your business will not show up on someone’s search if they live in another country
  • If you supply semen straws from your purebred stallion, you may want to be contacted by clients from anywhere around the world
  • If you are an agistment centre, you will definantly want new clients that live locally that need to agist their horses BUT you may also advertise your centre to people who are travelling interstate and need short term agistment for their travelling horses

Another advantage to listing your business with EquiCord, if a horse owner travels to an unfamiliar location and does not know any Service Providers in the new location, that person is able to type in the new postcode and what they are looking for.  Your Business Details will appear for them to be able to contact you.

Whether you are a One-Man Operation or an Employer of Many, you will want your business to be Seen and Found.  EquiCord can help you grow your clientele base.

Once someone has found your business, they can easily add your business details to their EquiCord Contact List for easy contactability.

EquiCord caters for ANY business that provides a service to the Equine Industry.  This includes farriers, dentists, massage, agistment, vet, hospitals, transport, stockfeed supplies, tack supplies, saddle makers, breakers, trainers, schools, arena hire, breeders, Real Estate Agents, stable installers, Racehorse Trainers,  insurance, purchasers, Rescue and Rehabilitation,  OTT providers plus many many more.  If we do not have a TOPIC Heading for your expertise, please contact us and we will add a LISTING HEADING for you.

In 2006, there was an estimated 59 million horses on this planet.  Click on the map below to see how many horses are in your Country  or State.  Now ask yourself this – How many of those horses do you provide a service to?  This will give you an idea of how many horses you are NOT providing a service.

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Friday 14th of October goes online after many months of testing.
APP is submitted
Monday 10th of October - EquiCord App is submitted to Apple and Google for approval.
App has now been approved by Apple and Google - couple of programming glitches being fixed - then EquiCord App will be available for purchase via Apple and Google for use on iOS and Android devices.

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